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26 04, 2023

Best Of British Fragrance Oils

2023-04-26T16:02:32+01:0026 April 2023|Fragrance Oils|0 Comments

With the King's coronation around the corner it's time to celebrate our wonderful Best of British fragrance oils. These fragrances remind us of beautiful flower filled gardens, freshly picked fruit and Summer days spent in the great outdoors. From candle table centre pieces to wax melts, we have the fragrances you need to mark this historic occasion. Here are our top fragrance oils for this occasion: Champagne and Roses - This is the definition of [...]

25 04, 2023

Solid Shampoo Recipe

2023-10-16T12:24:50+01:0025 April 2023|Essential Oils, Hair Care, Soap Making|0 Comments

Want to learn how to make solid shampoo? Everything you need is all in one kit available here. Bergamot is a beautifully citrus essential oil, extracted from the rinds of an orange from a bergamot tree. This recipe will take you through all the steps you need for making four gorgeously scented bergamot solid shampoo bars, with our kit which includes all ingredients you need included. This essential oil is known to help tame hair, [...]

1 04, 2023

How To Melt Wax & Soap Bases

2023-03-09T16:43:43+00:001 April 2023|FAQ|0 Comments

There are a variety of ways to melt wax and soap bases. Let's take you through each one... Cosy Owl Double Boiler: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ftBuor3Y0Wo&t=23s Fill the double boiler with water half way (225ml) Place on a hob at a medium heat Add soap base or wax into the boiler and gently stir until fully melted Do not boil the water inside the boiler, warm through only Avoid water contaminating the wax or soap base [...]

31 03, 2023

April Cosy Feature: Glisten and Glow Candles

2023-06-30T14:02:28+01:0031 March 2023|Featured Creators|0 Comments

How did you start up Glisten and Glow Candles? The Girls, Ella and Keira started Glisten and Glow Candles to give them something to do while they couldn’t go out or go to school during the Covid lockdown. Their Mother Tracy helped get them get started with the legal bits like the CLP’s and insurance and it grew from there. Ella is currently away at University studying Marine Biology and Zoology so she is [...]

31 03, 2023

How to make Sun Drenched Apricot Rose Wax Melts

2023-03-31T17:24:32+01:0031 March 2023|Mother’s Day, Spring, Wax Melts|0 Comments

With the arrival of warmer weather on its way, we have crafted a recipe that captures the essence of Spring and Summer. Imagine the sweet fragrance of sun-ripened fruit and the alluring aroma of blooming flowers wafting through the air. Our goal was to blend the soft hues of peaches with delicate dried flowers and the sun-kissed scent of apricot rose, symbolising the transition of seasons. The result is a luxurious and highly scented [...]

30 03, 2023

Spring Wax Melt Ideas

2023-04-26T16:04:52+01:0030 March 2023|Spring, Wax Melts|0 Comments

Looking for Spring wax melt inspiration? We have you covered with our latest makes, from gorgeously detailed rabbit wax tablets, to relaxing lavender wax melts. These ideas will get your creative juices flowing, with fragrances that ooze fresh homegrown flowers or sweet sticky honey. Abbey and Hayley have challenged one another to come up with Spring wax melt ideas to show you in their latest Instagram live. Let's take a closer look... First up [...]

20 03, 2023

Essential Oil Benefits

2023-10-16T12:24:38+01:0020 March 2023|Essential Oils, FAQ|2 Comments

What are essential oils? Essential Oils are commonly used in aroma therapy to improve health and well-being. They are concentrated oils that contain highly potent chemical compounds that are found inside many plants and they each have a characteristic essence. These oils can stimulate areas of your brain such as the limbic system. This system plays a role in behaviour, emotion, smell and long-term memory. Some people claim that essential oils have a certain [...]

10 03, 2023

How To: Lavender Wax Melts

2023-10-16T12:26:36+01:0010 March 2023|Essential Oils, Wax Melts|0 Comments

Lavender essential oil is found in a variety of natural health products and cosmetics. It is one of the most popular oils in aromatherapy, with soothing properties which assist with promoting good sleep and improving relaxation. Today we are sharing with you this gorgeous wax melt recipe which includes a decorative dried lavender detail to enhance the relaxation in a room. https://youtube.com/shorts/M01YAcWSVJI?feature=share You will need: Round Mould 110g SoyaLuna Pillar Wax 5g Lavender [...]

2 03, 2023

Candle Wick Size Chart

2023-03-13T11:19:25+00:002 March 2023|FAQ|0 Comments

Wick to Container Size Chart  Choosing a wick for your candle is an important process for making sure your candle burns safely and correctly. Important elements to look out for when testing your wicks:  Consistent flame size No mushrooming or blooming A consistent and moderate candle container temperature Correct sized wax melt pool No smoke A flame that doesn't drown Here is our starter guide for choosing the correct wick for your chosen container. [...]

28 02, 2023

March Cosy Feature: Becky Bees Candles

2023-06-30T14:02:37+01:0028 February 2023|Featured Creators|0 Comments

What inspired you to start Becky Bees Candles? Firstly, my life long love and empathy for nature and wildlife. As a child I could often be found rescuing injured birds, hedgehogs and my personal great love, bees, who sometimes needed shelter from a heavy down pour of rain or a little energy boosting sugar meal before safely flying home to their hives. Secondly, in 2018 I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer, thankfully I am [...]

28 02, 2023

NEW Small Business Cosy Feature Opportunity

2023-03-13T11:24:35+00:0028 February 2023|Featured Creators|0 Comments

Feature In Our Blog... We are super excited to announce our new small business feature blog! This is where we pick a wonderful small business who shops with us, to be featured on our blog and share their story. Not only this but we now have a brand new creators section in our email newsletters, where we will link the featured blog, to spread your story far and wide. We love to hear what [...]

19 02, 2023

Multi Wick Candles Tutorial And Live Chat

2023-03-13T11:26:08+00:0019 February 2023|Candle Making, FAQ|0 Comments

Multi-wick candles are perfect for this time of the year. With more than one wick, these candles create a warm glow with multiple flames which are comforting and add a cosy feel to a room. Larger candle containers often need more than one wick to distribute the heat evenly, leading to a cleaner and more efficient burn. Larger candles contain more wax and fragrance, therefore having more wicks means the fragrance can distribute over [...]

13 02, 2023

2023 Spring Fragrance Oil Trends

2023-03-03T15:30:32+00:0013 February 2023|Spring|0 Comments

With the Spring season upon us, this means it's nearly time to enjoy all the wonderful fragrances from fresh and floral to fruity and sweet. With so many fragrance oils to choose from, we have made it easy to choose with our 2023 trend edit. These Spring fragrance oils can be paired perfectly with wax or soap for candle, wax melt or soap making products. Fabulously Fresh Spring season comes along with adventurous aromas [...]

13 02, 2023

*CLOSED* GIVEAWAY! WIN £50 Cosy Owl Voucher

2023-02-22T09:56:00+00:0013 February 2023|Company News, Competitions|0 Comments

Want to 𝗪𝗜𝗡 a £50 Cosy Owl voucher in our giveaway? Enter to win! We want to thank our customers and followers for all your support and give one lucky winner a chance to win a £50 voucher to spend on anything at Cosy Owl. 𝗛𝗼𝘄 𝘁𝗼 𝗲𝗻𝘁𝗲𝗿: 👉 Follow us on Instagram/ Facebook 👉 Like the Giveaway post 👉 Let us know how you would spend the money and tag 2 friends who [...]

3 02, 2023

Top 6 Questions- Wax Melt Making Edition

2023-01-03T16:32:08+00:003 February 2023|FAQ, Wax Melts|0 Comments

Popping a wax melt into a warmer can instantly transform the atmosphere of a room by releasing your favourite aroma. What's great about making your own wax melts is that you can personalise them with a variety of dye, glitter, mica powder and fragrance oil combinations. The making process is fun and easy to craft in the comfort of your home too. Not sure how to get started? We have covered our top 6 frequently asked questions for wax melt making. Wax melts [...]

30 01, 2023

Spring Fragrance Oil Instagram Live

2023-01-31T14:14:00+00:0030 January 2023|Spring, Valentine's Day|0 Comments

Be inspired by our Spring/ Valentines fragrance oil range, perfect for a variety of projects including candle, wax melt, soap and diffuser making. Find out more about scent notes, what is on trend this season and how to get started with beautiful aromas. Watch our Instagram live playback with Lyndsey from Cosy Owl and Abbey from Makes Scents Candles. Discover a fragrance oil for your next craft project. Have you tried these wonderful scents [...]

19 01, 2023

How To Make Rose Bud & Patchouli Soap

2023-10-16T12:25:39+01:0019 January 2023|Essential Oils, Soap Making, Valentine's Day|0 Comments

Inspired by our wonderful essential oil properties, this hanging soap recipe is a match made in heaven with patchouli, dried rose bud decorations. With gorgeous patchouli essential oil benefits, this soap assists with relaxation, uplifting the mood and properties that enhance the mind. Combined with rose buds for a touch of elegance, these hanging soaps are easy to create for all skill levels. Let's take you through the steps to making your very [...]

18 01, 2023

A Guide To Making A Black Cherry Heart Candle

2023-03-13T11:31:29+00:0018 January 2023|Candle Making, Valentine's Day|0 Comments

Spread the love with this adorable homemade heart candle recipe. Add your chosen fragrance oil and dye to make your candle personal to yourself or a loved one! We have chosen this deep dark red dye to match the glorious scent of black cherry. With this scent you can experience a prominent aroma associated with fruity cherry and pomegranate. This is most pronounced as your candle starts to burn, filling up your room with [...]

16 01, 2023

A Guide To Creating Marshmallow Wax Melts

2023-03-13T11:33:36+00:0016 January 2023|Wax Melts|0 Comments

Valentine's Day is a the perfect time to craft something for yourself or loved ones as a little pick-me-up treat. A beautiful scent is always a winner for this time of the year, with fresh flowers, perfume and sweet treats being popular gifts. We have taken this as inspiration for our latest wax melts recipe, combining a love of homemade with adored aromas to fill a room with joy. We have chosen the wonderfully [...]

4 01, 2023

Caring For Your Candle | Tips and Tricks

2023-01-04T15:35:33+00:004 January 2023|FAQ, Troubleshooting|0 Comments

Caring for your candle will help extend its life, ensuring a longer burn time and lasting scent. These tips and tricks will help keep your candle lasting as long as it should and keep you on track to burning a candle safely. 1. Burn a candle for no longer than 3-4 hours at a time. 2. Make sure the candle burns evenly the first time as this will help to avoid tunneling. You can [...]

21 12, 2022

Soap & Diffuser Kits Unboxing With Makes Scents Candles | Instagram Live Playback

2022-12-21T12:22:24+00:0021 December 2022|Reed Diffusers, Soap Making|0 Comments

Have you ever wanted to make your own soap or reed diffuser, but not sure where to start? We have the kits for you! Join Abbey from Make Scents Candles and Hayley from Cosy Owl, for an unboxing of our soap and diffuser beginners kits. See each product included in the kits close up. Hear our tips for crafting, including how to wrap your soap and get the most out of your reed diffusers. [...]

19 12, 2022

Candle & Wax Melt Kit Unboxing with Makes Scents Candles | Instagram Live Playback

2022-12-21T12:22:05+00:0019 December 2022|Candle Making, Wax Melts|0 Comments

Unbox our candle and wax melt making kits and discover the world of scented crafts. Join our Instagram live playback with Abbey from Make Scents Candles and Stacey from Cosy Owl as they chat all about our popular beginner friendly kits. Unbox each kit and see the products up close up. Hear tips and tricks for making too! Watch our video here... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jEaTTMwNRiU&t=3s Follow us on social media and [...]

10 12, 2022

A Guide To Creating Cube Candles

2023-03-13T11:33:39+00:0010 December 2022|Candle Making, Christmas|0 Comments

Have you created a cubed shaped candle before? These cube glasses are wonderful for adding a touch of luxury and add a new shape to your collection. They look stylish standing alone as well as part of a group of candles on display in a room. At Cosy Owl we have 2 different sized cube glasses available, including 8cl and 29cl glasses. In this recipe we are showing you how to make your very [...]

2 12, 2022

Soap Making Kit Unboxing, Tutorial And Live Chat

2022-12-02T14:42:34+00:002 December 2022|Soap Making|0 Comments

Discover our Cosy Owl soap making beginners kits and find out more about soap making! Our Soap Making kits are the perfect purchase for anyone looking to get creative and start crafting their own Homemade Soaps. We pride ourselves in providing the highest quality ingredients available on the market for making the perfect homemade Soaps. Our kits are perfect for those just starting out and those who have mastered the skill already, so grab your [...]

17 11, 2022

Craft Day With HappyFabric | Candle Making & Vinyl Crafts | GIVEAWAY- CLOSED

2022-12-07T11:58:20+00:0017 November 2022|Competitions|0 Comments

On Tuesday we spent the day with Jaymie from HappyFabric for a collaborative craft project. HappyFabric are a local company to Cosy Owl. They specialise in custom transfers, heat transfer and self-adhesive vinyl. Not only this, they stock cutting machines and heat presses which means their customers can personalise their own products at home. HappyFabric are full of colour and inspiration, with project ideas and guides galore, just like Cosy Owl! We knew this [...]


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