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Candle Wicks

Here at The Cosy Owl we provide a selection of wicks to suit your candle making needs, from individual 120mm wicks, fitted with wick sustainers (also known as Tabs), to those that can be customised to a size of your preference. All of our wicks are made by renowned wick producers, including one of the most popular producers ‘Wedo’ and every one of them is designed to deliver a clean, bright flame when lit.

The Cosy Owl’s wick selection includes the rigid, spun cotton LX variety, ideal for paraffin wax; the flat cotton-paper TCR wick, perfect for soy or vegetable wax, as well as the paper ECO wick which burns cleanly in both varieties of wax. Each type of wick can be purchased in either its raw form or attached with wick sustainers. For those wishing to customise their own wick length and candle size, we also provide a selection of separate wick sustainers to keep your candle’s wick stable and secure.


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