Percentages And Measurements When Making Candles

Wax to Container %

Fill container/mould with water, measure the amount of water and round up to the nearest 10ml. Deduct 20% from that figure and that is the number of grams you need – so:

For example:
495ml of water in the container/mould – round up to 500ml
Deduct 20% from that figure (100) giving you 400 – so you need 400g of wax.

This method is suitable for both Paraffin wax and Soy Wax.

Wick to Container Size

Wedo ECO Wicks
(both wax types)
Wedo LX Wick
TCR Series Wick
(Soy/vegetable wax)
ECO 0.5 – 50mm LX 08 – 40mm TCR 15/8 – <32mm
ECO 0.75 – 53mm LX 10 – 45mm TCR 18/10 – 32-38mm
ECO 1 – 55mm LX12 – 50mm TCR 21/12 – 39-50mm
ECO 2 – 60mm LX14 – 55mm TCR 24/12 – 51-57mm
ECO 4/6 – 65mm LX16 – 65mm TCR 24/14 – 58-63mm
ECO 8/10 – 70mm LX18 – 75mm TCR 27/16 – 64-75mm
ECO 12 – 75mm LX20 – 80mm TCR 30/18 – 76-83mm
ECO 14 – 80mm LX22 – 80+mm TCR 33/18 – 84-89mm
ECO 16 – 80+mm LX24 – 80+mm TCR 33/20 – 90-95mm
LX26 – 80+mm TCR 36/20 – 96-108mm TCR 36/22 – 109-115mm

Wax Manufacturer Wick Recommendation

Container Diameter Kerawax 4105 (Paraffin) Kerasoy 4170 (Soy)
40mm TCR21/12 – TCR24/12 TCR24/12
50mm TCR24/14 TCR24/14 – TCR27/16
60mm TCR27/16 TCR30/18
70mm TCR30/18 TCR33/18
80mm TCR33/18 TCR33/20
90mm TCR33/20 TCR33/20 – TCR36/22

Dye to Wax %

The quantity used is basically up to you, a 10-gram bag is sufficient to make up to 10kg of coloured wax – this can vary depending on the intensity of the colour required. This will also vary depending on the type of wax used as natural waxes (soy and beeswax) are harder to colour with bright vivid colours this is because the colour struggles to anchor itself to the wax.

Fragrance to Wax %

The quantity used is basically up to you, all our fragrances are high quality and specifically designed for excellent scent throw, meaning that less can be more. Generally, starting with between 5-7% (1oz per pound of wax) is a good idea and up to 10% for less strong fragrances should be enough to give you a good scent throw. It is always best to experiment with each scent and wax combination and start low and work up. If you follow this guideline and observe the flash point you will get beautifully scented candles with a bit of practise. You should never put in more than 12% (2oz per pound of wax) fragrance as the candle will literally begin to sweat or leach the fragrance. If you need help with measuring your fragrance, please see our Weighing Fragrance Guideline.

Stearic Acid to Wax %

Add 10% stearin to your quantity of wax. Firstly, melt the stearin in a double-boiler or wax melting pot. Colouring your candles? Mix the dye/s in gradually, in tiny amounts, until you achieve the colour intensity you want. Next, add the wax. Heat the mixture up to the required pouring temperature.


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