Soyaluna Wax orange candle

“Easy one pour finish”

Soyaluna wax is a soy blend and has been specifically formulated to be an easy to use soy wax for the home candle maker. It comes in a white pellet form, making it easy to melt in a double boiler or Bain Marie. This soy wax blend is biodegradable, vegan friendly and packaged in fully recyclable/ biodegradable packaging. No animal products are used in the manufacturing of this wax and no testing on animals has been carried out during the manufacturing process. 

A common factor within the candle making industry is natural environmental inconsistencies that can affect the wax. For example, temperature changes in the environment can impact the way a candle sets, causing a frosting or cracking appearance within the wax. Soyaluna suffers less from frosting and the natural environmental inconsistencies which many makers may experience with other waxes. A major benefit of this wax is that it only needs one pour/ minimal repour depending on usage. This leaves the wax to set with a smooth, rich, creamy finish. There’s no need to put wax by, for an added second pour, to smooth off the top which is common with other wax types. This saves precious time for restocking or experimenting with dye colours and fragrances.  

The scent of a candle is just as important as its light. Soyaluna has been formulated as a finished wax blend and is suitable for the addition of fragrances and dyes designed for the same usage and are oil soluble. The wax offers a great hot and cold scent throw, allowing your chosen fragrance to naturally fill the room. Soyaluna wax suffers less with sweating in temperatures of up to 35 degrees, this can sometimes show on the surface of the candle. There’s no need for further blending or to add any other additives except dyes or UV if you choose to. Its white appearance means that there is no need for additional white dyes unless affected by dark heavy fragrances. All our fragrances and dyes can easily be combined with our waxes to create a seamless blend of vibrant colours. 

Soyaluna has a higher setting point which means it is more seasonal friendly, especially when making candles during the warmer months. The wax can handle high percentage loads of fragrances up to 10%. Testing the final burn performance is recommended as this is dependent on the fragrance type, dye and wick choice. The recommended fragrance load for Soyaluna is 6% depending on the fragrance chosen. 

With Soyaluna’s expertly combined properties, you can see why it is a great wax to start your candle making journey. It’s easy to heat, mix and pour, leaving a rich, creamy finish to a candle or wax melt. Are you ready to get consistent candle making results, why not test it out for yourself?

Soyaluna Wax will be available to purchase from Cosy Owl in the coming weeks. Keep an eye out for updates on our website, social media and newsletter.