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Essential Oils For Wax Melts

An essential oil does it all, from gorgeous fragrance to aromatherapeutic healing. The key to using essential oils is to identify your area of need and find an oil suitable to help you with that need.

Our wide range of essential oils can be used individually, targeting specific areas of your physical and mental health. Or use them together creating a stunning blend targeting multiple areas all at once while also building a sensational fragrance medley.

The condensed nature of the oils means a small amount will go a long way, allowing you to layer fragrances. All our essential oils mix easily with wax, soap bases and augeo oils without hindering the initial purpose if the product.

A carrier oil dilutes an essential oil, allowing you to harvest the healing properties of the essential oil through massage and aromatherapy without harming your skin.

All our oils should be stored in a cool, dark places to prevent oxidation.


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