This uplifting Rosemary essential oil is warm and energizing with an herbaceous aroma and a citrus-like undertone. It can be used individually or as part of a bespoke fragrance medley, pairing brilliantly well with other essential oils such as: Lemongrass and Peppermint. This essential oil can be used in candles, soaps and diffusers.

All our essential oils are exclusive to Cosy Owl and have been developed by our experts for superior scent throw and remarkable aromatherapeutic properties. Our oils are 100% concentrated are compatible with all our waxes, soap bases and augeo oils.

Essential oils should be stored in a cool, dark places to prevent oxidation. The ideal place to store them is in the fridge but if that is not ideal, ensure they are kept away from direct light and high temperatures.

How much essential oil should I add?

All our essential oils are high quality and expertly designed for amazing scent throw and aromatherapeutic properties, so generally less is more. Essential oils should be diluted at a small concentration such as:

  • 2% for dilution in a carrier oil
  • 3% for dilution in soap base
  • 3% for dilution in candle wax
  • 25% for dilution in augeo oil

All essential oils have what is referred to as a Flash Point – the lowest temperature at which the oil will start to combust, and both the fragrance and healing properties are released.

The flash point of Rosemary is 43°c ,for more information on Flash Points follow this link

Relative Density @ 20°C – 0.890-0.912
Refractive Index @ 20°C – 1.464-1.476
Optical Rotation (°C) -6.0 to 12.0

Please note our Rosemary Essential Oil is non organic.

Our Rosemary Essential Oil is Food Grade.