This eco-friendly blend of paraffin wax and vegetable waxes is specifically developed to produce candles formed in containers and to a luxurious and professional standard, no different from those purchased in many retail outlets. As with our Pillar Wax, it has excellent qualities to allow further blending with our high quality fragrances and dyes.

The wax will allow you to create candles within any sort of heat-resistant container with full adhesion to the hard interior. Glass containers are the most common and aesthetically appealing. Once the candle has been depleted the container can be cleaned and reused (refer to our guide on candle making for further information on cleaning your container). It is best to avoid using plastic containers.

Cosy Owl sources this wax from a highly reputable and specialist UK manufacturer and comes in quantities of 800 grams, 5 kg, 10 kg and 25 kg.