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Candle Glasses

A candle always appears more welcoming and attractive when presented in a container which complements its colour and light. Whether you’re looking for glass holders, jars, tins or even simple aluminium tea light cups, The Cosy Owl has a plentiful selection for you to choose from.

Our containers are all naturally resistant to heat shattering or breakage and come in a wide variety of dimensions and shapes to match your candle size. As well as different sizes, our selection of glass containers features a multitude of colours and shades, allowing you to tailor the hue of your candle’s light and creating a stunning visual aesthetic for any room. Many of our tin containers also come in a variety of designs, from simple circles to love hearts, all of which can be purchased with sealable lids, to present themselves as the ideal gift for any close friend or relative. You may also consider recovering your costs and even make a profit through merchandising your own candles.


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