This eco-friendly paraffin wax is specifically developed to produce pillar candles and for use in moulds to create candles of a professional standard. As with our Blended Container Wax it has excellent qualities to allow further blending with our high quality fragrances and dyes.

The wax will allow you to create candles which have a smooth and gloss finish, made better with the incorporation of a dye to match or compliment the aesthetics of your room. This wax comes in the form of pastilles and once solidified, the candle is easily removed from the mould. With pillar blend wax, as it solidifies, it shrinks slightly away from the edges of the mould. We recommend leaving the candle for between 24 to 48 hours at room temperature before removing from the mould.

While there are different types of wicks, we recommend using our LX series wick for a clean and long lasting burn. Cosy Owl sources this wax from a highly reputable and specialist UK manufacturer and comes in quantities of 800 grams, 5 kg and 25 kg.