1 06, 2021

How To Make Seascape Melt and Pour Soaps

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Looking to learn how to make your very own Seascrape Melt and Pour Soaps? We are thrilled to be able to share with you this exciting step-by-step guide. Please note, for this particular soap, we did not use fragrance as we were focusing on the design element. If you feel confident enough with creating an impressive design like the one in the guide below, you can add a fragrance of your choice. Always refer to [...]

29 07, 2020

A Summer’s Beach Gel Votive Candle

2022-10-25T13:25:26+01:00Candle Making, Summer|0 Comments

With Summer now here, it’s the perfect time to try our beach themed gel votive candle. It will make the perfect table centre piece but there’s no need to limit yourself to a beach theme when there are so many alternatives! Ingredients Gel Wax Soy Container Wax or Paraffin Container Wax 2 containers varying in size (We used our 9cl Meredith in the 37cl Bubble Ball or the 5cl Gabrielle in our 30cl Karen Round) [...]

29 07, 2020

The Summer Scents That Remind Us Of Our Favourite Holiday Destinations

2022-07-29T18:05:00+01:00Summer|0 Comments

Holiday dreamers in the UK have cast their vote on the scents that remind them of a specific destination around the world. With many holidaymakers postponing trips until 2021, this is leaving holiday goers to simply reminisce on their favourite scents from abroad and here at home. We asked the public via social media which scent reminded them of a specific destination. To uncover the wide range of scents and destinations people love the most, [...]


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