Elevate your candles with our eye-catching pastel-inspired tilted layer candle tutorial! We’ve carefully selected a combination of delightful pastel dyes to create a cross over effect. This stunning candle is guaranteed to enhance any home decor, and you can even personalise it further by infusing your favourite fragrance oil into the wax. Explore our technique and unleash your creativity with our Bekro dye.



30 cl Karen Glass

240g container wax

Eco 14 wick 

Glue dot 

Pastel dye bundle

Optional: 24g Fragrance oil of your own choice 



Wick centring tool 

Double boiler 



Large roll of tape



Step 1:

Melt the wax in a double boiler on a medium heat until clear and smooth. Whilst this is melting, prepare your glass by making sure it’s clean and dry inside. Then use a glue dot and place this on the end of your wick and place into the middle of the glass. Secure this centrally with a wick centring tool over the glass.

Step 2:

Optional: Weigh and add your fragrance oil below its flashpoint temperature and mix until fully blended into the wax.













Step 3:

Once the temperature is between 60-65c, pour 48g of melted wax into a jug and add a pinch of light green dye. Mix this well until completely dissolved, for around 2 minutes. Leave the left over wax in the double boiler on a medium heat.


Step 4:

Place the wicked candle glass securely at an angle into a roll of tape. Then pour the green wax into the glass. You will need to wait for this layer to set, for around 30-45 minutes.

Step 5:

Once the green layer has set, move the glass in the opposite direction, in a tilted position. Repeat step 3 with the next dye colour and 48g of wax- light blue. Wait for this to set again like in step 4.

Step 6:

Continue this process of tilting the glass the opposite way and pouring the next colour layer in, with purple and pink dyes.

Step 7:

For the very last layer, once the pink wax has set, place the glass onto a flat, even surface. Then pour your last cream layer on top to finish the candle.

After 24 hours, trim the wick to 1/4 inch and enjoy your candle! This would make a beautiful centre piece to match with pastel colours. Why not test this technique out with alternative dye colours?

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