Pastel Dye Bundle

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Craft with our selection of pastel dyes to add soft hints of colour to your candles and wax melts.

This Bundle Includes:

3g of Cream Candle Dye

3g of Light Rose Pink Dye

3g of Lilac Dye

3g of Light Blue Dye

3g of Light Green Dye

These eco-friendly, non-toxic dyes are highly concentrated, easy to work with and provide a great depth of colour. The dye is very simply added and stirred into the molten wax and dissipates evenly throughout the wax providing the consistency required. The result is a candle with a colouration no different to those which are professionally produced. Cosy Owl’s competitive prices make professional level candle making very affordable and fantastic value for money.

Different coloured dyes can be mixed into the wax to create composite colours, allowing you to experiment with your creative skills to produce candles and wax Melts.

Please note that the picture of the solid dye does not always represent the colour of the candle when finished. This product is not suitable for use with Gel wax.