Candle Wick Sustainers – 15mm Base – 2.4mm Height

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Manufactured by: Wedo

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  • Vegan Friendly
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Wick Sustainers (also referred to as Metal Tabs) are required to hold your wick in place at the bottom of the heat resistant container and stops the wick from simply floating to the surface of the candle when you pour in the molten wax. To use, crimp the wick and place into the hole in the sustainer – if you find this difficult, try using small plyers. You can use a small amount of glue placed into the hole beforehand and then allow it to set with the wick in place.

When placing the sustainer on the bottom of the container, if you have some Blu Tac handy, a little tip is to place a very small amount under the sustainer and stick it to the bottom of the container. Alternatively you can use a double-sided sticky paper spot/tab available from all good stationery stores and some food retail outlets.

This sustainer is 15mm in width, is suitable for small to medium sized containers and made of Mild Steel. If using a relatively large container select the 20mm option. The height of the sustainer can be selected from the drop down box above. If you are not used to using sustainers, then the larger of the two (6mm) can make it slightly easier to hold the wick in place.

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Wick Sustainers

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50 sustainers, 100 sustainers, 1000 sustainers


  1. Lieke J.s

    I always buy the ECO 8 wicks for my 100 ml candle containers, but they’re pretty long wicks. With one wick I can wick two candles with the help of these sustainers!

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