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30 05, 2023

June Cosy Feature: The Noir Candle Company

2023-05-30T12:20:42+01:00Featured Creators|0 Comments

What inspired you to create ‘The Noir Candle Company’? First of all, I have always loved anything that makes my home smell nice, like candles, diffusers, etc and secondly when my son was born in 2018, I was diagnosed with aggressive melanoma. My treatment made it hard for me to go back to work and I needed an outlet to help ‘distract’ me and give me something to focus on. I started creating candles for [...]

31 03, 2023

April Cosy Feature: Glisten and Glow Candles

2023-03-31T17:26:19+01:00Featured Creators|0 Comments

How did you start up Glisten and Glow Candles? The Girls, Ella and Keira started Glisten and Glow Candles to give them something to do while they couldn’t go out or go to school during the Covid lockdown. Their Mother Tracy helped get them get started with the legal bits like the CLP’s and insurance and it grew from there. Ella is currently away at University studying Marine Biology and Zoology so she is [...]

28 02, 2023

March Cosy Feature: Becky Bees Candles

2023-03-21T12:24:58+00:00Featured Creators|0 Comments

What inspired you to start Becky Bees Candles? Firstly, my life long love and empathy for nature and wildlife. As a child I could often be found rescuing injured birds, hedgehogs and my personal great love, bees, who sometimes needed shelter from a heavy down pour of rain or a little energy boosting sugar meal before safely flying home to their hives. Secondly, in 2018 I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer, thankfully I am [...]

28 02, 2023

NEW Small Business Cosy Feature Opportunity

2023-03-13T11:24:35+00:00Featured Creators|0 Comments

Feature In Our Blog... We are super excited to announce our new small business feature blog! This is where we pick a wonderful small business who shops with us, to be featured on our blog and share their story. Not only this but we now have a brand new creators section in our email newsletters, where we will link the featured blog, to spread your story far and wide. We love to hear what [...]


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