What inspired you to create ‘Glow Candle Studio’? 

Well, my passion for candles, diffusers, wax melts and everything that makes a space feel cosy and smells amazing has always been my inspiration. Then, during the lockdown, I had an idea to try my hand at making candles and wax melts. So, I ordered a starter kit just for the fun of it. Initially, I never thought that it would turn into a small business. However, after sharing my products with family and friends, their positive feedback encouraged me to take the plunge. That’s when Glow Candle Studio came to life. 


 What was your first step in creating your business? 

I first started building my small business by researching and studying products. I really wanted to make sure I was using only the best cruelty free, paraben free, eco-friendly and sustainable ingredients, and that’s when I stumbled upon Cosy Owl. 

 What type of products do you create and where can they be found?

I create natural soy wax candles with crackling wooden wicks housed in unique stone vessels, as well as wax melts and a range of stone homeware. You can find our products on Instagram, Etsy and my website.


What is one piece of equipment you could not live without? 

Without a doubt, my digital thermometer. It is a must have tool in the candle making business, nailing those precise melting and pouring temperatures are key to creating flawless products. 

What is your go-to fragrance oil? 

Picking just one fragrance oil is a tough call, but if I had to choose, it would definitely be the sandalwood vanilla fragrance oil. It’s the ideal combination of sweet and woody notes that I absolutely love. 


Could you share 1 top tip for making wax melts? 

My top tip would be to carefully select the right wax as this is crucial. And, of course, it’s all about testing, testing and more testing to get those perfect wax melts. 

What is your favourite Cosy Owl product and why? 

I absolutely love Cosy Owl fragrance oils which are Paraben-free, Silicon-free, cruelty-free, PEG-free, and Phthalate-free. I also adore the beautiful wooden wicks, that add that delightful crackling ambience when candles are burned. 


What’s in store for Glow candle studio in the future? 

I have been working on our new stone candle collection, ensuring each candle has its own unique, one-of-a-kind charm. This exciting collection will be available very soon on our store. Additionally, I’m working on expanding our offerings to include pillar candles and more stone homewares products. 


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