With the weather getting chillier and Autumn almost upon us, it’s the perfect time to hone your inner craftsmanship and make these inspirational luxury candles with wooden wicks. Our step-by-step video created in partnership with Cosy & Country walks you through the process to make your very own candles at home…brrr-ill-iant!




Step 1 – Weigh & Melt Your Wax 

First you need to measure out your wax. We are using 700g to fill our 3 large containers. Once you’ve measured out your wax, put it on a medium heat and melt it all the way through.

Step 2 – Prepare Your Wooden Wicks

Take two of the same wicks and place these together. Then place them into your metal sustainer.

Once the wax has melted, dip the wooden wick into the molten wax ensuring that both sides are fully covered. Lay this over the pot and put to one side to allow the wax to cool and cure. We suggest pre-waxing the wick prior to adding any of your additives i.e. fragrance oil.

Step 3 – Add The Dye And Fragrance Oil

Making sure your wax is at 65°C, it is time to add the desired amount of dye. Stir the dye gently until it has dissolved into the wax and has an even coverage. 

Now it is time to add the fragrance oil, we have chosen Cinnamon. Make sure you keep stirring gently so the fragrance oil is all the way through the wax.

Step 4 – Stick The Wick Into The Container

Add the glue dot to the base of your sustainer by peeling off the plastic cover and pushing down into your container. Making sure it is stuck in central. You can either trim down the wick at this point or wait until the candle is made.

Step 5 – Pour the wax 

Begin pouring your wax carefully into your containers. Only pour partially the way up, as you’ll need that extra room at the top to top up any sink holes with your left over wax.

Step 6 – Top Up Your Candles

After half an hour, top up the candles with the remaining wax. This will leave the top smooth and clear of any air pockets or sink holes. Then leave your candle to set for 24 hours.

Step 7 – Trim Your Wicks

After your candles have set its time to trim your wicks. We recommend leaving approx. 1 cm of the wick above the candle.

Step 8 – Enjoy!