Preparing your Wooden Wick

A wooden wick is the perfect addition to any natural looking candle and is Vegan friendly, cruelty free and delivers a classic yet stylish finish. When making a wooden wick candle, additional preparation is required and so we have detailed below how to pre-wax the wick ensuring you use these correctly.



Step 1
Have all the products together that you need. Find a pot or bowl that will allow for the wicks to rest across it once they have been dipped in molten wax.

Step 2
Melt a small amount of wax (we suggest melting the full wax needed for making the candle and pre-waxing the wick prior to adding any of your additives i.e. fragrance oil). Once the wax has melted, dip the wooden wick into the molten wax ensuring that both sides are fully covered. Lay this over the pot and put to one side to allow the wax to cool and cure.

Step 3
Once the wax has hardened, take two of the same wicks and place these together making sure the small section of un-waxed wicks is together. Place the waxed end into your sustainer.

Step 4
Add the glue dot to the base of your sustainer by peeling off the plastic cover and pushing down into your container. Making sure it is stuck in central. You can either trim down the wick at this point or wait until the candle is made. Leave approx. 1cm of the wick above the candle.

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  1. Is it ok to make a wood wick candle in a jar? I find when the wax starts to melt, it floods the wick. Why are you using two wicks together?

    1. Each sustainer requires two of the wooden wick sheets in order for it to burn thoroughly and correctly within your candle. For example a 10 pack of wood wicks would have 10 sustainers but 20 wooden wick sheets.

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