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11 06, 2021

How to make Wax Brittle

2022-10-17T18:13:31+01:0011 June 2021|Wax Melts|0 Comments

Gorgeous, multi-coloured and arty, with a touch of psychedelia, these particular style of wax melts are as inspiring to look at as they are fun to make. You can truly unleash your creativity and experiment with colour shades, fragrance combinations and patterns for a unique effect, so that no wax brittle looks like another. Without further ado, let’s learn how to make wax brittle! Today Victoria of Cosy and Country joins us once again for [...]

1 06, 2021

How To Make Seascape Melt and Pour Soaps

2022-09-05T17:19:06+01:001 June 2021|Soap Making, Summer|0 Comments

Looking to learn how to make your very own Seascrape Melt and Pour Soaps? We are thrilled to be able to share with you this exciting step-by-step guide. Please note, for this particular soap, we did not use fragrance as we were focusing on the design element. If you feel confident enough with creating an impressive design like the one in the guide below, you can add a fragrance of your choice. Always refer to [...]

1 06, 2021

How To Make A Pillar Candle Using An Old Pringles Tub!

2022-11-29T13:54:54+00:001 June 2021|Candle Making, Recycling Projects|0 Comments

In today's world, any of us resent the amount of waste we create and so we're often looking for ways to reuse materials where we can. If you want to make pillar candles without having to purchase a mould, you can easily reuse some household waste to do so. From milk carton to plastic cups, the possibilities stretch as far as your imagination allows. We decided to use a Pringles tub for this tutorial. These [...]

1 06, 2021

How To Make Shimmery Body Oil!

2022-03-24T10:40:15+00:001 June 2021|Body Care|0 Comments

An easy way to make a luxury moisturising product at home. As temperatures rise, you might need to hydrate your skin more. Add some shimmer to your cosmetics, make yourself the dream concoction with only 5 ingredients from Cosy Owl.  What you’ll need: Sweet almond OilJojoba OilCoconut OilMica - we used bronzeFragrance - we used coconut - a 10 ml sample bottle is perfect for this.An empty glass bottle (ours is 100ml) Step by Step [...]

1 06, 2021

Scented Wax Tablets

2022-09-05T17:24:55+01:001 June 2021|Wax Tablets|2 Comments

Wax tablets have become extremely popular in recent months, as our close knit community of crafters share quick and easy tips to creating scented wax tablets. Wax tablets can be used for a variety of purposes including freshening your shelves, drawers and closets up. If you keep an attire of clothing away in a draw, wax tablets are particularly great for long-term storing of clothing made from wool and also cashmere. A fun fact for [...]

24 05, 2021

How To Make Soy Candles

2022-03-21T22:51:48+00:0024 May 2021|Candle Making|0 Comments

In this guide, courtesy of Victoria of Cosy and Country, we’ll show how to make candles using soy wax, making full use of its unique properties. Whether you are a beginner in this craft or an expert candle maker, this guide will serve as a useful run-through, plus tips and tricks to avoid some of the most common problems. But first, a little background. Soy wax is by far the most popular wax to use [...]

30 04, 2021

How To Make Layered Wax Melts

2022-03-21T23:00:19+00:0030 April 2021|Wax Melts|0 Comments

Wax melts are perfect for creating a cosy ambience, but mostly these crafts are very easy to customise with your favourite shapes, fragrances, colour combinations and different effects. So if you haven’t created wax melts before or you are simply in need of a refresher, check out our guide on how to make wax melts at home. In today’s step-by-step guide by Victoria of Cosy & Country, you will be able to give your wax [...]

22 04, 2021

Top Craft Activities Post-lockdown

2022-07-29T17:58:35+01:0022 April 2021|Candle Making, Soap Making|0 Comments

Craft activity in the UK and around the world has really taken off in the past year as many people sought new and different activities to while away the time spent in lockdown. Crafts such as candle making, soap making, diamond painting, tie dye, and ceramics are some of the most popular activities to have experienced an exciting boom since the Covid-19 pandemic began. Cosy Owl accessed 12 months of data via Google Trends to [...]

15 04, 2021

How to Make Body Butter/ Hand Cream

2022-09-05T17:23:07+01:0015 April 2021|Body Care|0 Comments

Chances are, you are already using a branded body lotion as part of your beauty routine, maybe even several brands, but did you know that you can easily make your own body butter at home?  If you are familiar with body lotions you may have noticed that they are not as effective in parts of your body that are usually more subject to dehydration: usually, the knees, elbows, feet and lower arms. And of course, [...]

15 04, 2021

How to Make Shampoo Bars At Home

2022-10-17T15:54:13+01:0015 April 2021|Hair Care|0 Comments

Shampoo bars are becoming increasingly popular, not only because of compactness, which can be very useful for storing or travelling, but also because they make for an overall more aesthetically appealing item which is easy to customise and decorate. Moreover, shampoo bars tend to last much longer than liquid shampoo as it’s much easier to dose and spread into your scalp. As mentioned in our hand soap guide. Historically, people have used soap for all [...]

9 04, 2021

How To Make An Embedded Shape Candle

2022-10-17T15:30:34+01:009 April 2021|Candle Making|0 Comments

Perhaps today’s guide might be a bit ambitious for the absolute beginners, however it is also one of the most eye-popping works that can be achieved after reaching a basic level of acquaintance with candle-making craft. Stretching the line that separates hobbyism and true craftsmanship, these beautiful candles with an embedded shape nonetheless represent a challenge to be conquered. This floral theme is a great fit for the coming months of May and June especially, [...]

7 04, 2021

How to Make Hand-Made, Hand Soap!

2022-03-24T10:41:29+00:007 April 2021|Soap Making|0 Comments

Did you know that the earliest soap formulas can be traced to ancient Babylon. It was a far from rudimentary alkaline solution mixed with water and cassia oils. Although we’ll have to wait a couple of a thousand years before stumbling upon the iconic soap-bar, and precisely in late 15th century Marseille, the secrets to creating soap without resorting to industrial mass production, have been available for millennia. Although soap bars can be used for [...]

19 03, 2021

How To Make Wax Melts With Glitter

2022-03-21T23:00:35+00:0019 March 2021|Wax Melts|0 Comments

Want to add a touch of shimmer to your crafts? Give your wax melts that party feeling? No doubt the razzle-dazzle of glitter is synonymous with fun and luxury. Widely used in fashion, from accessories to evening dresses and more recently even in food such as the ‘unicorn-themed’ candy floss, chocolate bars and soaps! One of the best ways to enjoy glitter in all its sparkly glory is with wax melts. We’re joined once again [...]

18 03, 2021

How to Make Your Own Hair Treatment

2022-03-24T10:41:42+00:0018 March 2021|Hair Care|0 Comments

Gone are the days in which well-meaning grandmas all over the world hailed the miraculous properties of dubious raw-egg concoctions, only to leave our head all sticky and smelling like an omelette. Nowadays with the right ingredients, most natural hair treatments can be obtained through a fairly simple process, for a finished product that is both effective and pleasant to the senses, truly nothing to envy of their chemically-fueled counterparts. Hair masks and most organic [...]

26 02, 2021

How To Make Essential Oil Candles

2022-10-12T17:31:27+01:0026 February 2021|Candle Making|0 Comments

Essential oils, (not to be confused with Fragrance oils) are known as a natural remedy for short-term relief of mild symptoms of stress, anxiety and insomnia and widely used in aromatherapy and massage therapy. There are many essential oils and each one has its own peculiar properties as well as distinctive fragrance; some of the most popular ones are Lavender, Bergamot and Lemongrass. They are commonly added to diffusers, but did you know that you [...]

25 02, 2021

A Guide to Making Your Own Beard Oil at Home

2022-03-24T10:41:54+00:0025 February 2021|Beard Oil|2 Comments

If you have a long and luscious beard, then you probably use beard oil to help maintain it. This is a wise move, because beard oils will keep your beard looking at its best. However, next time you’re thinking about buying some beard oil, you should consider whether it’s actually better to make your own. Contrary to popular belief, making your own beard oil is actually incredibly simple. Plus, you’re guaranteed to end up with [...]

4 02, 2021

How To Make A Layered Candle In A Glass Bubble Ball

2022-10-17T13:58:55+01:004 February 2021|Candle Making|0 Comments

Glass and round shapes are a staple of interior design, the smooth surfaces and lines are perfect to decorate and furnish any home environment. So why not give it a personal ‘’spin’’ and create a unique ornament using your favourite colours and fragrance? Follow this easy video tutorial created in partnership with Victoria of Cosy & Country, as she guides us through the process of making a layered candle in a glass bubble ball that [...]

15 01, 2021

How To Make Wax Melts With Mica Powder

2022-10-17T13:51:47+01:0015 January 2021|Wax Melts|0 Comments

Wanting to add a bit of extra sparkle to your wax melts? Our step-by-step video created in partnership with Cosy & Country walks you through the process of creating your own wax melts with mica powder at home. Ingredients KeraSoy 4120 or KeraWax 4600Wax Melt Flower Moulds50ml Fragrance Oil – we used Jasmine3g of Bekro 39/4327 Pink Candle DyePeach Pink Mica Powder Step 1 – Measure & Melt Your Wax First, you will need to measure your [...]

7 12, 2020

Christmas GIVEAWAY Competition

2022-03-25T11:08:34+00:007 December 2020|Competitions|0 Comments

We are feeling the Christmas spirit at Cosy Owl so we thought we would offer one lucky winner the chance to WIN all the materials you need to make your own soap. You have an opportunity to win 1kg Stephenson Melt & Pour ST Clear Soap Base, Oval Grey Silicone Mould and a 50ml essential oil of choice. To be in with a chance of winning, all you have to do is: ✔ Like the [...]

4 12, 2020

How To Make A 3 Wick Candle

2022-10-25T13:22:40+01:004 December 2020|Candle Making|0 Comments

With Christmas only a few weeks away, our step-by-step video created in partnership with Cosy & Country walks you through the process of making your own 3 wick candle, which would make the perfect gift for your loved ones this festive season. Ingredients  KeraWax 4105 or KeraSoy 4130 55cl Round Flat Dish Container ECO 12 Wicks 50ml Fragrance Oil – we used Winter Spruce 3g of Bekro 03/4217 Grey Candle Dye Glue Dots Step 1 – Measure [...]

23 11, 2020

Abbey White of Makes Scents Candles To Lead New Cosy Owl Virtual Candle Making Events

2022-03-19T18:51:39+00:0023 November 2020|Company News|0 Comments

Following a nationwide talent search looking for the best up and coming virtual candle making event hosts, we are pleased to announce a new virtual event host partnership with Abbey White of Makes Scents Candles. Abbey previously worked in the travel sector for STA Travel, where she was unfortunately made redundant with ongoing Covid-19 events impacting the travel sector. Coming from a creative background, Abbey is a singer and works with a charity called Spread [...]

13 11, 2020

How To Make Tea Light Candles

2022-10-19T15:38:01+01:0013 November 2020|Candle Making|0 Comments

With Christmas just round the corner, our easy step-by-step video created in partnership with Cosy & Country walks you through the process of making your own festive tea light candles at home. Ingredients KeraWax 4105 or KeraSoy 4130 Aluminium Tea Light Cups - 37.5mm x 22mm Tea Light Wicks TL15 / S33 50ml Fragrance Oil – we used Red Berry & Holly 3g of Bekro 30/6077 Red Candle Dye Glue Dots Step 1 – Measure & Melt [...]

26 10, 2020

A Crafty Guide to Carving and Lighting your Halloween Pumpkin

2022-10-19T15:41:13+01:0026 October 2020|Halloween|0 Comments

#1 Gather your Equipment Before you start pumpkin carving, you should gather everything that you need. This way, you won’t have to wander around the kitchen looking for things when your hands are covered in pumpkin juices and seeds. To expertly carve your pumpkin, you’ll need: A large pumpkin A sharp knife A serving spoon Plenty of kitchen roll A marker pen Your candle Matches When selecting your pumpkin, try and select a smooth one. [...]

23 10, 2020

How To Make Marbled Wax Melts

2023-02-15T11:12:52+00:0023 October 2020|Wax Melts|0 Comments

Wanting to mix things up when it comes to wax melts? Our easy step-by-step video created in partnership with Cosy & Country walks you through the process of making your own marbled wax melts.   Ingredients  Kerasoy 4110 Pillar Wax or KeraWax 4600 5 x Wax Melt Tartlet Clamshells 50ml Fragrance Oil – we used Gingerbread 3g of 6099/25 Orange Dye 3g of 5024/27 Rust Orange Dye 3g of 227 Cream Dye Step 1 – Measure [...]

2 10, 2020

How To Make A Layered Halloween Candle

2022-10-19T15:44:40+01:002 October 2020|Candle Making, Halloween|0 Comments

Need some Halloween inspiration? Our easy step-by-step video created in partnership with Cosy & Country walks you through the process of making your own layered Halloween candles - perfect for the spooky season!   Ingredients  Kerasoy 4130 or Kerawax 4105 wax 30cl Karen Round Glass Container 50ml Fragrance Oil – we used Pumpkin Spice 3g of 6099/25 Orange Dye 3g of 60/1107 Violet Dye 3g of 6000/01 Black Dye ECO 16 Wicks Glue Dots Step 1 – Measure [...]


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