How to Make Miniature Embedded Golden Leaf Soaps

We all love soap right? It keeps us clean and smelling fresh but alongside the obvious, it’s also a great way to freshen up your wardrobe or car!

Here at Cosy Owl, we are on a mission to provide the crafts making community with as much creative content as possible from candle and soap making to cosmetics you can make at home. The ideas and possibilities are endless and we are always excited to hear what you think and what wonderful creations you have been making!

In this how-to guide, we’ll share with you a two-step guide to making your own miniature golden soap leaves and in part two, how to embed them into a larger soap mould. So let’s get going!


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Part One: Miniature Golden Leaf Soaps


Step one:

Cut your soap base up into sections

Use an induction hob with the degree set at 60°C. With your bain-marie melting pot, put 150g of clear soap base (cut up in sections) into the double boiler. Begin melting the clear soap base until it is in liquid form.

Step two:

Gold Satin Mica Powder

With your gold satin mica powder, include a couple of teaspoons of the mica powder into the melted clear soap base. Ensure you stir the mica powder into the melted soap base thoroughly. At this point, you can add a 10ml of fragrance oil of your choice if you wish.

Step three:

Pour your Gold Satin Mica Powder and Soap Base Liquid into the mould

Pour the melted soap base and mica powder into the Autumn leaf soap moulds. These are available to buy from Cosy Owl. Leave the soaps to set for an hour or two depending on room temperature.

Part Two – Oval Soap Mould

Recommendation: Spraying some rubbing alcohol between the different layers will ensure that they stick together better. Spray the leaf soaps with rubbing alcohol before you place them in the oval soap moulds.

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Now that you have created your very own miniature gold autumn-themed soap leaves, you can get going making your larger soap to embed the leaves into.

Step one:

Using an induction hob with the degree set at 60°C, with your bain-marie melting pot, put 150g of clear soap base (cut up) into the boiler. Begin melting the clear soap base until it is in liquid form. This is the same first step as seen in part one. At this point, once the soap has melted, you can include fragrance oil of your choosing. We recommend Teakwood which is an Autumn scent. Always check the IFRA document under each fragrance oil safety data sheet to see the maximum amount that can be added, as every oil is different. The more fragrance oil you use, the stronger the scent throw will be in the soaps. Always remember to stir fragrance oils in thoroughly.

Step two:

Pour your soap base up to half of the oval silicone mould only, wait for this to set for 30 minutes. Then place your miniature golden leaf soaps into the centre of the liquid and mould. Top the rest of the moulds up with the remaining clear soap base liquid. Leave the soaps to set for one to two hours.

So there you go, you have made your own Autumn soaps with miniature golden leaves embedded within. Let us know how you get on with this on social media!

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