Scented Wax Tablets

Wax tablets have become extremely popular in recent months, as our close knit community of crafters share quick and easy tips to creating scented wax tablets. Wax tablets can be used for a variety of purposes including freshening your shelves, drawers and closets up. If you keep an attire of clothing away in a draw, wax tablets are particularly great for long-term storing of clothing made from wool and also cashmere. A fun fact for you, wax tablets were first used by the Romans instead of paper to write on!


Step 1: Prepare Your Designs

  • arrange your dry flowers (you can use anything you like – this could be seashells too for examples) in the moulds so you have a definite design ahead of pouring the wax
  • this is important as once the wax starts to set you’ll have little time to place your decorations in your tablets
  • take pictures of your designs to remember how they look
  • remove the flowers now and clean your moulds

Step 2: Measure Your Wax and Fragrance

  • measure the wax & fragrance oil. 300g of wax + 36g of fragrance oil is enough for the 6 moulds. This will fill your moulds to about 1/3 to half (you don’t need to fill them to the top)
  • you’ll need to do 50/50 between beeswax and soy wax, so 150g of soy and 150g of beeswax

Step 3: Melt the Wax

  • create a double boiler with a pan and a jug – you’ll reach a temperature of about 170-180F (76.67 °C or 82.22 °C) to fully melt the beeswax which has a higher melting temperature than the soy wax
  • leave the wax to cool down to about 160F (71.111°C)- If you go lower, the beeswax will start to congeal

Step 4: Pour the Wax in 1 Mould and Arrange the Flower Design

  • pour the wax in one mould. 
  • place the jug of remaining wax back on the heat to prevent it from hardening- you may have to melt the wax again later on if this if this happens wait for the wax to start to congeal – you should see the edges of the mould look white, and the surface of the wax no longer liquid. This can happen very fast so be quick to react.
  • using the photos you took, arrange the dried flowers on top of the wax as quickly as you can, as the wax will harden quickly. We used a pair of tweezers for this. You may need to push some of it into the wax gently if the wax is starting to harden too much.

Step 5: Repeat Step 4 for the Other Moulds

  • repeat step 4 for the remaining wax and moulds.
  • if the wax has solidified, melt it again

Finished scented wax tablets

Step 6: Remove the Wax Tablets From the Moulds

  • wait a few hours for the wax to harden in the moulds
  • remove gently from the moulds
  • add some hessian sting through the hole
  • they are now ready to hang in your wardrobe, drawers etc… 


  1. If you put these in with your clothes, do they have to be in a bag of some sort to stop the wax affecting the clothes in some way. What happens if it gets hot in your drawer??

    1. We would advise storing your wax tablet in a cool dark area as heat can damage and degrade your wax. With regards to a bag you do not have to put them in a bag but most people will, I would advise not to use polyethene bags as these types of bags will take away the scent leaving your wax tablet with little to no scent.

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