A Guide to Making Autumn Wax Melts


Tip: Pre-heating the moulds with a hairdryer or heat gun before pouring the wax can help improve the overall appearance of the wax melts, allowing them to cool slower.

Step 1:

Weigh the wax and add to a bain marie or double boiler. Melt at a medium temperature until smooth and clear.


Step 2:

Next, add the fragrance oil, this should be added at around 60 degrees but will depend on your chosen fragrance oil and its individual flash point. This needs to be adhered to as every scent has a temperature at which it will start to vaporise and evaporate. 

Step 3:

Add a third of the melted wax to a jug or separate bain marie and add a pinch of dye. Mix this until thoroughly blended. 

Step 4:

Pour at around 55 degrees into the moulds. You could also fill them halfway ready for a different coloured layer to be added on top. 

Step 5:

Repeat steps 3 and 4 with a different dye. This will mean you have 3 different coloured waxes in the Chocolate mould. 

Step 6:

Leave the melts to cure for 24 hours. Then pop out to reveal your wonderfully coloured wax melts ready to add to a wax melt burner. 

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