Using Wooden Wicks with SoyaLuna Container Wax: Recommendations

A Guide On Using Wooden Wicks with SoyaLuna Container Wax


Wooden wicks are a popular choice in the candle world because of the modern aesthetic as well as their burn performance.

Wooden wicks are known to heat wax evenly but also at a slow pace. They create a wider flame, which is often described as relaxing to watch. Once lit they usually give off a cosy, crackling sound. The crackling sound comes from the process of making the wicks where the amount of water in the wood gets reduced. During this process gaps are created leaving small pockets of moisture in the wood. Once set in a candle and then lit, the water starts to boil from the heat, releasing steam. The steam can then become trapped and the pressure is exerted causing the wood around this to weaken. Small bursts of flames are created when this steam is released which creates the signature crackle sound that you hear.

Through testing in house at Cosy Owl and with SoyaLuna we want to share our findings to get the best wooden wick, SoyaLuna Wax, fragrance and container combination.

For the wooden wick tests above, we used SoyaLuna Container wax with our Cosy Owl wooden wicks. The fragrance load recommendation for this wax is 6-8%, however it can take up to 10%. We put them to the burn test, to see which ones performed the best.

They all individually lit well and were ready to put to the 4 hour burn test. Every wick had a fantastic, comforting crackling sound which felt like being next to a warm fire.

Here are the wick results:

30cl Karen glass: A double wooden wick in size 15 x 150 mm untreated.

20cl Karen glass: A double wooden wick in size 10mm x 150mm untreated

100g Round tin: A double wooden wick in size 12.5mm x 150mm untreated

50g Round tin: A double wick 8mm x 90mm untreated

Heart tin: A double wick in size 10mm x 150mm untreated

Each of these wicks create a pleasant flame size and shape as long as they are looked after correctly. This will mean making sure the wick is trimmed at 5mm. These wooden wick sizes have been tested with Cosy Owl products and Soyaluna. Using other brand combinations may vary slightly. It is always important to test your combination with different fragrance oils, containers, dyes and wick combinations as these recommendations are a guide only. Different fragrances and quantities can vary the wick size as well as the container width.

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