DIY: Lavender Essential Oil Scented Wax Tablets

Wax tablets are not only great for releasing beautiful scents in the home but also double up as a decoration too! They are fabulous for freshening up drawers, closets and shelving. You can make them personalised to your loved one by choosing from a range of scents including essential oils to fragrance oils. Why not add your own decoration from dried flowers to glitter, for an extra creative pizzazz? Simply hang Lavender Essential Oil Scented Wax Tablets up in your home, wardrobe or lay in your drawer to allow the wax tablet to gently release the relaxing scent.

Our delicate lavender essential oil is balancing with a soothing floral scent and a relieving warm undertone. It can be used individually or as part of a bespoke fragrance medley, pairing brilliantly well with other essential oils such as: peppermint and patchouli. This essential oil can be used in candles, soaps and diffusers.  

Lavender essential oil promotes relaxation which is perfect for the new year after the busy Christmas period. Lavender essential oil is also believed to assist in treating anxiety, fungal infections, allergies, depression, insomnia, eczema, nausea and more!


Step 1: Measure and melt your wax

  • Weigh the wax to the correct measurements this will make around 4 wax tablets.
  • Create a double boiler with a pan and a jug or use a bain arie to fully melt the white beeswax. You will need to heat the wax at around 77°C to fully melt the beeswax.
  • Next add in the pillar soy wax into the melted beeswax and heat until smooth and clear. Make sure the heat is around 71°C as if you go lower, the beeswax may start to congeal.

Step 2: Measure your essential oil and add to wax

  • Weigh out the essential oil using a calculation of up to 3% of the wax used. For example we are using 300g of wax therefore we can use up to 9g of essential oil.
  • Next, add this to the wax below the flash point temperature of the essential oil. Lavender essential oil needs to be added under 70c to avoid the scent evaporating. You can check the essential oil flashpoints under each description of the product on our website.

Step 3: Pour the wax in 1 mould and arrange the lavender

  • Next pour the wax into the first mould and place the jug of remaining wax back on the heat to prevent it from hardening- you may have to melt the wax again later on if this if this happens wait for the wax to start to congeal – you should see the edges of the mould look white, and the surface of the wax no longer liquid. This can happen very fast because of the beeswax, so be quick to react.
  • Add the lavender where desired-You may need to push some of it into the wax gently if the wax is starting to harden too much.
  • As you are adding the lavender be mindful that some parts may sink slightly and others may be brought to the forefront if the wax is hardening quickly. This will create a completely unique effect to your design.

Step 5: Repeat step for the other moulds

  • Repeat step 4 for the remaining wax and moulds. If the wax hardens, melt it again and pour into the moulds.
  • Be as creative as you want with the designs. You may want to add other dried flowers, fruit and more!

Step 6: Remove the wax tablets from the moulds

  • Wait a few hours for the wax to cool and harden in the moulds. Then gently remove the wax tablets from the moulds. You can then add string or ribbon to through the hole which can assist with hanging your decoration in your home, wardrobe, drawers or shelving.
  • Your Lavender Essential Oil Scented Wax Tablets are complete!

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