When candle making, the importance of temperatures in every stage of the process cannot be underestimated, as doing everything at the right temperature is key to creating a successful candle. Below are our recommended temperatures for each stage of making the perfect candle, including different temperatures required for different products where necessary;

Melting your wax and adding your dye;

  • KeraWax 4600 Paraffin Pillar Wax – 65°C
  • KeraWax 4105 Paraffin Container Wax – 60°C
  • KeraSoy 4130 Container Wax – 55-60°C
  • KeraSoy 4120 Pillar – 55-60°C

Adding your fragrance to the wax depends upon your fragrance oil and its individual flash point. This needs to be adhered to as every scent has a temperature at which it will start to vaporise and evaporate. If the fragrance is added to the wax when its temperature is above the required flash point you will effectively release all the scent at this stage and therefore your candle when made will have no fragrance to give off. Please see our Fragrance Flash Point section where these are listed for each scent.

Ideal pouring temperature;

  • KeraWax 4600 Paraffin Pillar Wax – 55-60°C
  • KeraWax 4105 Paraffin Container Wax – 55-60°C
  • KeraSoy 4130 Container Wax – 55°C
  • KeraSoy 4120 Pillar – 55°C

This can vary if you are trying to achieve certain effects in the appearance of your candle when cooling.

The perfect room temperature for making and cooling candles is 22°C, you will want to try and keep a steady room temperature throughout as this can affect the final results of your candle. For example, if the temperature rapidly decreases whilst the candle is cooling this will cause the wax to shrink and thus pulling away from the container edge.

We would also recommend that heating the container prior to pouring in your wax is advised as this will help your wax to cool slowly increasing the chances of this adhering properly to the container edge.

*These are recommendations and a lot of candle making is experimenting to find what works best for you*


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