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Like all other candle making supply companies, we supply an excellent range of quality fragrances, at great prices, all exclusive to us and these have been very well received and grown in range greatly since we began.  These are great for most candle makers but we wanted to be able to offer not just more fragrances but something different.  Something to improve on what was currently available on the market and push the quality boundary and create something that no other candle making suppliers are offering.

Uniquely formulated stronger candle fragrances

The team at Cosy Owl have been working for months with fragrance houses and scent designers to develop our exclusive premium range of fragrances.  These have been uniquely formulated to be the strongest and most rounded fragrances on the candle making supply market today. 

How have we achieved the stronger throw?

We have achieved this by three primary methods:

  1. We have used the most expensive ingredients on the market.  To create any given fragrance there are often several choices of components, the more expensive are more complex molecules that convey a richer and more rounded fragrance and smell stronger at lower quantities because they ‘fit’ into our nasal receptors better than the cheaper versions.  Some of these ingredients are rarely used in fragrances for candle making and more often only in high-end perfumery.  They proffer a far more realistic or less ‘harsh’ scent, at the same time as being highly ‘fragrant’ and providing excellent scent throw.
  2. When formulating the fragrances we have used more complex blend of fragrances compounds, to give more scent notes and a greater and more subtle pallet of mid and base notes.  This gives these fragrances a much fuller, rounded and more balanced scent that lives beyond the first hit of the fragrance.  This adds life and colour to the slightly more one-dimensional fragrances commonly available.
  3. Our premium fragrances have a far higher fragrance compound to base oil mix ratio, meaning that for every part added to your candle you get much more active fragrance.  It is worth pointing out here that all fragrance oils have to have a base oil to cohere and making a strong fragrance oil isn’t just a case of reducing the base oil as this can also fundamentally change the quality of the fragrance.  All our premium range of fragrances have been specially formulated to be both balanced and strong at the exact mix of fragrance to base oil.

All of the above means that for the first time, now available to the home candle maker, is a range of fragrances that match the designer top end of the market.

The benefits are obvious but include:

  1. Because they are stronger and contain more expensive more ‘fragrant’ ingredients, you don’t need to add as much as standard fragrances to your candles to get the same rich fragrance smell.  This means that, although they are actually more expensive per ml to buy, they could actually save you money to use.
  2. Adding less fragrance to your candle will also improve the burn of the final product.
  3. If you want very strongly scented candles you can add the same mix quantity as with standard fragrances giving you a stronger scented, more fragrant candle, without suffering from issues such as fragrance ‘sweating’ and other negative effects of over fragranced candles.
  4. Finally, our premium range of fragrances will all provide a much rounder, less harsh scent, with the complexity and subtleness of mid and base notes that give far greater character than standard fragrances.

Here are the new premium candle fragrances:

Candle Liquid Fragrance 25kg – Tonka & Tobacco Flower

Candle Liquid Fragrance 25kg – Sage & Seasalt

Candle Liquid Fragrance 25kg – Bibliotheque

Candle Liquid Fragrance 25kg – Lost Cherry Type

Candle Liquid Fragrance 25kg – CK One Mens Type

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