Learn how to make clamshell Christmas tree wax melts. The perfect Christmas craft activity to get you in the festive spirit and feel cosy during the winter months.

Victoria from Cosy and Country joins us for a collaborative project, which is easy to follow in the comfort of your own home! Follow a wonderful step by step tutorial for making Winter Pine wax melts which can be added to a wax melt burner to release the fragrance into your home.


Want to know what products Victoria has used in our Christmas tree wax melt video?

Here’s our ingredient and equipment list:

800g Kerasoy 4120 Pillar Wax 

Christmas Tree Mould

50ml Winter Pine Fragrance Oil 

3g Green Candle Dye

25g Fluorescent Green Glitter


Melting Pot or Double Boiler 

Wooden Spoon

Weighing Scales



Why not add a different shade of green dye or glitter? Let your imagination run wild with our range of dye, mica powder and glitter.

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