Cinnamon Essential Oil Candle Halloween Recipe

Are you in the mood to make your own candles this Halloween? Perhaps you are already an experienced candle maker and you want to try out some new, spooky ideas! We have you covered this Halloween with our memorable Cinnamon Essential oil candle Halloween recipe.

Learn how to make your own Halloween candles today with our easy to follow Cinnamon Essential oil candle recipe.


Step 1:

Melt 240g of the wax in a bain marie or double boiler on a medium heat.

Occasionally stir the wax slowly. 


Step 2:

While the wax is melting, clean your container and make sure it’s completely dry. It is a good idea to warm your container before adding the wick as this will help slow the cooling process of the wax, which helps with good glass adhesion and frosting. This can be done by using a hairdryer to warm the glass or placing the glass in a warm water bath. It is important to avoid mixing any water with the wax as this can affect the candle.

Step 3:

Now the wax should be fully melted to a clear liquid. At around 60°c is a great time to add a pinch of dye to the wax. Mix this slowly but thoroughly until blended into the wax. 


Step 4:

Measure the essential oil to the correct amount. We recommend using a maximum of 3% essential oil load for candles. This means 3% of the amount of wax being used.


Step 5:

Check your essential oil flash temperature point before adding to the wax as every scent has a different temperature to which it will need to be added. The flash point of a fragrance is the temperature at which the oil will start to evaporate. To keep a good scent you will need to add the oil to the wax under its flash point number. In this case, Cinnamon oil has a flashpoint of 88°c. Add the essential oil to the coloured wax and mix until fully blended.

Step 6:

Now it’s time to prepare the container for pouring the wax into. Peel one side of the glue dot and place it on the metal end of the wick. Peel the other side of the glue dot and place it in the centre of the container. 


Step 7:

Pour the wax at around 55°c into the glass container and leave about a 1cm gap from the top of the glass. Add a wick centring tool to keep the wick upright and in place. 


Step 8:

Leave to cure for at least 24 hours. Next, remove the Cosy Owl wick centring tool and trim the wick to half a centimetre and enjoy the amazing aromas and powers of the cinnamon essential oil. 

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