Our Petrol Fragrance Oil has been specially formulated to safely meet all the needs of every petrolhead out there. The smell of petrol certainly divides opinion and whilst you do not have to necessarily like cars, bikes and other forms of transport, filling up your tank and getting a whiff of the scent might just be enough for you. Now we can bring you this scent to your home with our new petrol fragranced oil.


Fragrance oils are typically given a year’s expiry from the date of manufacture however, many fragrance oils can last months or even years past this date if stored correctly. Tests (we don’t offer this service) can be performed on fragrance oils to determine their suitability beyond their shelf life.

Current IFRA documents (IFRA version 48) are relevant and applicable for all our fragrances until February 2022, when the new classifications come into force for existing products, i.e. fragrances that are already on the market. All new fragrances are already subject to the IFRA 49 classifications. Over the coming weeks, as we receive the relevant information, we will be updating and making the necessary changes to our website.