With Christmas only a few weeks away, our step-by-step video created in partnership with Cosy & Country walks you through the process of making your own 3 wick candle, which would make the perfect gift for your loved ones this festive season.


Step 1 – Measure & Melt Your Wax

First, you will need to measure your wax. The 55cl Round Flat Dish will hold approximately 440g of wax but we have weighed out a bit extra to make sure we have enough for our container. Once measured, put your wax onto a medium heat and leave it to melt.

Step 2 – Create Your Wick Placement Template

Before you can place your wicks into your container, you need to create a template to plan out where you need to place them. The easiest way to work out your wick placement is to draw around the container on a piece of paper and then mark out the locations of where the wicks need to be placed. We used a ruler to work out these locations, making sure each dot was 1.5 inches away from each other.

Step 3 – Prepare Your Container

Once you have created your template, place your container back over the drawing, making sure it is correctly lined up. Then take your glue dots and place them to the bottom of the wicks and carefully stick them over the dots drawn on the template.

You can then use the template you have created to hold your wicks in place. You will need to cut a triangle between two of the dots to create a space to pour your wax through later, as well as cutting a small hole where each of your three dots are. Then place the template over the top of your container, feeding your wicks through the holes. This will hold your wicks secure when you pour your wax.

Step 4 – Add Your Dye

Going back to the wax, this should all have melted now, however, stir it to ensure there are no un-melted sections of wax. Making sure your wax is at 65°C, it’s time to add your dye – we have used 3g of grey dye. Gently stir your dye through the wax until it has blended all the way through.

Step 5 – Add Your Fragrance Oil

Next, you add your chosen fragrance oil – we have added 50ml of Winter Spruce. Stir the fragrance into the wax gently ensuring no bubbles are caused, if done too vigorously it can leave air bubbles in the wax once it has cooled.

Step 6 – Pour the Wax

Let your wax cool to around 55-60°C and carefully begin pouring your wax into your container. Only pour partially the way up, as you’ll need that extra room at the top.

After 30 minutes, pour the rest of your wax into the container to top up any sink holes that might have formed. Then leave your candle to set for 24 hours.

Step 7 – Trim the Wicks

Once your candles have set, you can remove your wick placement template and trim the wicks to about 5mm.

Step 8 – Enjoy!

Now you can light your candle or wrap it up to give to a loved one this Christmas.