A Guide To Using Bekro Wax Dye

Where do you start when it comes to creating colourful candles? In our latest guide we are covering all you need to know about using dye chips to colour your wax projects from candles to wax melts.

Bekro’s highly concentrated dye flakes are easy to work with, do not alter the burn or scent of a candle and are the perfect way to add a vibrant lift. All Bekro’s beautifully vibrant colours are designed to work in all types of wax, whether natural or mineral, and only a small amount is needed to provide you with a vivid colour.

Let’s answer some of our frequently asked questions about dying wax…

Why do the dye flakes look a different colour to the wax in my candle?

Dye flakes will often appear darker in solid form before melting into the wax. This is because of their high pigmentation, once added to the molten wax, this colour dilutes and blends seamlessly. Once the wax has set (24 hours later), the true representation of the colour will show.

How much dye should I add?

It is best to use Bekro dye at 0.2%, so a 10g bag will colour approximately 5kg of wax. This can vary depending on how strong you would like the colour. If you are using natural waxes such as soy wax, you may need to add slightly more dye. It is best to experiment with adding small amounts at a time to achieve your desired shade.

At what stage is best to add it?

We would recommend adding dye after you have added fragrance oil to your wax. This is so that you can see if your fragrance oil is fully blended before adding in a colour.


How do I add dye to wax?

Around 65c is a good temperature to add the dye for it to dissolve fully into the wax. The dye is very simply added and stirred into the molten wax and dissipates evenly throughout the wax providing the consistency required. Stir the wax and dye combination slowly until fully blended and the dye chips dissolved. The result is a candle with a colouration no different to those which are professionally produced.

Can I create my own colour?

Yes, you can in fact mix dye colours together to achieve a unique colour. Keep an eye on how much you are adding and note down your mixes. This will help for when you go to recreate the candle or wax melts again.

How do I avoid wax frosting?

Frosting is a natural occurrence within natural waxes, particularly soy wax. Adding dark coloured dye can often show frosting more prominently, using the recommend using 0.2% of dye will assist with not overloading your wax.

Let us know if you have any questions you want us to answer in our next guide!

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