Premium Fragrance Oil Collection.

Our Fragrance oil sets are the perfect way to test out our best-selling fragrance oils.

This Set Includes 5x 10ml Fragrance Oils from our Premium Collection.

  • Blackberry and Bay – Another staple from the ranks of the UK’s most famous top end candle supplier, re-formulated for the Cosy Owl Premium range. A floral and fruity fragrance aimed mainly at women. White plum, honeysuckle, peach and black tea top notes give way to mids of blackberry, orange blossom and bay leaves and base notes of vanilla, oakmoss, cedar and creamy sandalwood that support the whole fragrance.
  • English Pear and Freesia – From possibly the best-known top end candle brand in the UK, this scent is one of the staples in the range and will add a sparkle to your products. Beautifully rounded top notes of honeysuckle, English pear, cassis, bergamot and freesia. With mid notes of lily of the valley, lilac, white rose and ylang ylang and smooth base notes of cypress, sandalwood and vanilla flower.
  • Sweet Grace Type – This cult fragrance has a real dedicated following and has been described as addictive by its advocates. Already a top candle fragrance, the Cosy Owl Premium version is an excellent reproduction of this classic scent. With top notes of orange zest, bergamot, lemon peel and pink citron, mids of Tonka, calone, lilac and geranium combined with the base notes of musk, vanilla bean, light patchouli and amber to create this full bodied fragrance that has proved so popular.
  • Sun Drenched Apricot – Another great addition to the Cosy Owl Premium range of fragrances is this ever-popular candle fragrance from one of the best known candle brands. A rich and intense fragrance with tops of bubbly aldehydes, plum and poppy flowers, midst of redberry, peony petals, water lily and sweet nectarine and base notes of sweet musk, vanilla bean and geranium, this is a fragrance that packs a real punch. Made using premium ingredients to match this well known fragrance.
  •  Wood Sage and Sea Salt– An aromatic and musky fragrance inspired by the famous Jo Malone fragrance.  With the richness and depth that signifies our premium range of fragrances, this marine based scent has hints of citrus, affording an excellent blend of wood, salt, spiciness and sweetness.  Not overpowering but with real staying power, this fragrance really evolves and matures the longer it is airborne.

All Fragrances included in this set can be purchased individually.