Our Clear Reed Diffuser safety labels are printed on to a transparent circular label with black ink. They are 50mm in diameter, perfect for most applications. Our Reed Diffuser Warning Label contains all the relevant information and warnings your customers need to know about safely using your reed diffuser

What are Reed Safety Labels for?

If you are selling your Reed Diffusers you need to include this warning label to comply with the General Product Safety Regulation 2005. These labels are designed to adhere to the underside of your container or box to demonstrate your compliance and due diligence with the regulations and to provide valuable practical and safety information for the end user.

Our Reed Diffuser safety labels are professional, high quality, long lasting, non-rip, waterproof and non-smear and scratch. Designed to last and yet economical, we have selected these labels for their long term performance.

Read about the General Product Safety Regulation to get a better understanding of your obligations as a candle manufacturer.

Our clear Reed Diffuser safety labels are supplied in a roll of either 10, 50, 100 or 1000 and are easy to peel and apply.