A Beginners Guide to Making Reed Diffusers

Here at The Cosy Owl we provide a wide selection of high quality containers for Reed Diffusers to add a consistent and delightful fragrance to any room. Our fragrance oils provide a variety of stimulating scents from fresh to fruity. Follow our steps on how to make your very own from the comfort of your home. 


Prepare the area you will be using to make your reed diffusers to ensure that any spills can be easily cleaned up.

Stage 1 – Adding marbles to your diffuser bottles

Start by dividing your marbles evenly into your diffuser bottles.

Stage 2 – Mixing diffuser base oil with fragrance oil

Pour 300ml Augeo Base Oil and your entire 100ml Fragrance Oil into your container . This equates to 75% Augeo Base Oil and 25% Fragrance oil.

Stage 3 – Pouring your oil into your diffuser bottles

Mix your oils thoroughly, pour the oil mixture and screw on the lids.

Stage 4 – Adding your Reeds

Add your reeds to the diffuser bottles, swirl them around and flip them over so the oils can spread along the entire length of the reeds.

Enjoying your Reed Diffusers

Place your reed diffusers anywhere around your home and enjoy the beautiful aroma of your creations.


Explore our range of reed diffuser kits online with a variety of fragrance oils to choose from.

For any advice or to talk through your project with one of our advisors, please do not hesitate to contact us at Cosy Owl on 01376 560 348.


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YouTube – Find more tutorials and project inspiration 

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