This Diffusol Base Oil is used to supplement your own fragrance oils. Cosy Owl is one of the largest suppliers in the country and offers you a choice of over 80 different fragrance oils. This unscented Base Oil can be added to any fragrance oil to provide a longer lasting scent; simply combine with your own choice of fragrance oil in a blend of between 25% – 75% and shake well to mix thoroughly. A benefit of using base oil is that it can dilute a fragrance oil if the scent is too powerful and overwhelming. Using reed diffusers is a tremendously effective way of bringing all sorts of scents into your living space.

Augeo’s base compound is glycerin – a renewable source and has a low evaporation rate, low natural odour and great at holding soluble fragrances. Derived from glycerin of vegetable origin and according to information received from the raw material suppliers, glycerin can be originated from genetically modified soybean.

Please keep out of reach of children and wash away if the oil comes into contact with your skin.