Wicking A Candle Container or Mould

Candle Container

When using pre-waxed wicks with tabs, it is simply a case of using either a glue tab or molten wax to adhere this to the bottom of your container (ensure this is central). Then you will need to use an item to hold the wick in place and pulled taut (I normally use pegs or hair clips). If you are using a raw wick, please see below.

Candle Mould

When wicking your mould with pre-waxed and tabbed wicks the process is very similar to a container it just depends on your type of mould. With some moulds your tab will be external to the mould and if so, these tabs do not require a glue tab, they just need to be correctly positioned and pulled tight.

With other moulds it can be a case of wicking the candle after it has been made and cooled, this is done by placing a wick wire in its place which is then removed and replaced with a wick later. Some moulds may have this built in or as an additional extra. You can also use a wick wire to make the hole after the candle has cooled.

Raw Wick

When waxing your wicks at home it is a very simple process. Once you have melted your wax for the candle but before you add any dye or fragrance, drop your cut length of wick into the wax and pull out again almost immediately. Once out you will need to pull this taut to ensure no air is trapped inside, don’t worry the wax will cool and harden within minutes and now you can attach the tab to this. Pre-waxing your wick is not a necessity however it looks more appealing and assists with having a stiff and straighter wick.




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