This all-natural soy wax is an advanced container blend, created to provide brilliant scent throw and glass adhesion. This wax requires no wax additives, other than colour, fragrance or essential oils which can be purchased separately on Cosy Owl.  When purchasing wicks for your containers, be aware that a slightly larger wick is needed, compared to the wick size you would use with paraffin wax. EcoSoya CB-Advanced has been designed to take fragrances at 12%.

This wax melts the best around 75°c and pours at 60°c. Your fragrance should be added as close to the pouring temperature as possible, mixed for 2 minutes and then poured.

CB-Advanced has been created to require a single-pour providing a smooth level surface; however, for larger containers, a second pour may be necessary to achieve your desired surface.

EcoSoya waxes are 100% natural, non-toxic and vegan. They also do not contain paraffin.

Products made using this product can be described as skin safe, dermatologically tested and clinically tested, providing that any additives also meet this criteria.