How to: Spring Honey Bee inspired Soap

Are you ready for Spring inspired projects? We have a great project for all the bee lovers out there. This gorgeously, fresh soap recipe is perfect for making 6 soap bars with a Spring honey bee inspired design. Add a personalised touch by your choosing your mica powder colour and fragrance. We have chosen Honey fragrance oil to match perfectly with the design.


Step One

Slice pieces of the soap into small chunks, this will make the melting process easier. Pop your microwavable jug onto the scales and measure your soap. This should be around 400g of soap which will make around six soaps. 

Step Two

Add half the amount of the soap chunks into the jug and pop it in the microwave to melt for 20-30 second increments until the soap has melted fully. Then add in the next chunks and melt these again in the same way.

Avoid raising the temperature above 75°c degrees as this is when the soap starts to scorch! 

Step Three

Next, spray a few sprays of rubbing alcohol into a separate pot and add a small amount of mica powder (half a teaspoon would be plenty). Mix this until the powder has become smoothly mixed into a liquid.


Step Four

Next add the mica powder into the soap at around 60c. Then mix it until fully blended into the soap.

Step Five


You will now want to measure out the fragrance oil. It is important to check the percentage in which you are able to add into the soap. The general rule of thumb for adding fragrances is around 2% but please check our IFRA statement on the Cosy Owl website. If it’s any less than 2% you will need to go with what the restricted amount is. For Honey we have chosen to add 2% fragrance. This equals 8g of oil, use the weighing scales and a separate jug to get an accurate measurement.

Step Six

The ideal temperature to add fragrance oil is 60°c degrees however please note that every fragrance oil has a different flash point. You can check the data sheets on each fragrance oil product page on the Cosy Owl website. Pour in your fragrance oil, for honey, this can be added at 60c as it’s flashpoint is higher. Thoroughly stir the fragrance into the mix.

Step Seven

Pour the liquid soap into the moulds and watch the swirly, shiny mica powder dance as it settles in the mould.

Step Eight

Spray the rubbing alcohol across the surface of the soap to pop all of the bubbles on the surface. 

Leave the moulds to set for around 2 hours until completely cool.

Step Nine

Remove the soaps from the mould to reveal the wonderful Spring honey bee inspired soap and amazing scent. This is our favourite scent this month for a fresh, clean smell for Spring.

Tah Dah!


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