Easter Wax Melts

Chocolate is fast becoming overrated as an Easter gift so why not get creative and give the gift of wax melts this year! Whether you make it alone or involve the family, this is the gift that can last longer and will have any home smelling great.



Step 1
Melt 175g to 200g of wax (this was the ideal amount for making 5 4oz melts, 3 deli pots and 3 clamshells) if you are not making this many melts you can use our Percentages and Measurements guide to help work out the best amount of wax you will need. Once the wax has melted add the desired amount of dye to achieve the strength of colour you are after. We have only added a pinch of dye as we are wanting to achieve pastel shades for our Easter melts. Stir the dye through the wax until it has evenly blended.

Step 2
Once the dye has evenly blended it is time to add the fragrance oil, we have gone for Lilac as it flowers around Easter. Stir the fragrance into the wax gently ensuring no bubbles are caused, if done too vigorously it can leave air bubbles in the wax once it has cooled. Transfer the wax into the pourer and then pour into your melt containers. Fill the 4oz pot approximately a third of the way up, fill two segments in the deli pot as shown in the picture.

Step 3
Whilst the first pour is cooling, you will want to clean the Bain Marie (or the pot you are melting your wax in) as well as the pourer ready for the next colour. Add the same amount of wax as the first pour to Bain Marie to begin melting (use less if you had left over wax from the first pour) Don’t worry if you pour some of the wax at this stage into another segment, once it has cooled you can use your fingers to simply pop this out. Don’t put pressure behind the full segments as this would pop them out of place also.

Step 4
Repeat stages 1 and 2 with adding the dye and the fragrance oil, second time around we have added the Light Green Bekro dye. Transfer the wax to the pourer and fill the pots same as previously. Clean the Bain Marie and pourer before starting to melt the wax for the final colour.

Step 5
Follow the same steps for the third colour you have selected. Once this has been poured, clean as before and then pour the same amount of wax into the Bain Marie to melt.

Step 6
Whilst the final lot of wax is melting take the Clamshells and sprinkle some of the dye chips into the sections and feel free to play around with the colours and mixing them. Once the wax has melted add the fragrance oil and stir gently. Now do the final layer over the Segment Deli Pots, then pour the undyed wax over the top of the dye chips ensuring you don’t over fill the cubes. Take a stirrer or an object with a point and use this to encourage the dye chips in each section to blend with the wax and marble. Leave all the melts for at least 24 hours to cure and allow the fragrance and wax to bind for the best cold and hot scent throw.

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